Jonah Jones: An Artist’s Life in Wales


Jonah Jones: An Artist’s Life in Wales


A rich digital resource in a limited-edition set of 350 by Scene & Word, comprising:

A library of rarely seen ‘sacred art’ demonstrating the extraordinary range of Jonah Jones’s work in Roman Catholic chapels and churches in England and Wales; outstanding examples of his major public art commissions; and a stunning collection of about 500 specially commissioned photographs by Stephen Brayne and Robert Greetham of Jonah’s sculptures, glass, inscriptions, mosaics and work in other media.

Personal tributes and commemorations by friends, colleagues and family, with many historic photographs and mementoes, combining to form a unique digital record both of one of Wales’s leading 20th-century artists and of the postwar era in, and beyond, Wales.

A short documentary feature on the creation and unveiling of the Jonah Jones memorial stone at Portmeirion in 2006, at which the writer Jan Morris gave the keynote speech.

And other unique features.

Jonah Jones: An Artist’s Life in Wales

A compilation of illustrated pen sketches by family, friends and colleagues of Jonah Jones, rare TV and video clips, a gallery, titled ‘Sacred Art’, of all the extraordinary windows and other art he created for a dozen churches, and other treasures.

Orders despatched within 5–10 days in cardboard mailers.

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