Alphabetum Romanum Jonah EN


Alphabetum Romanum Jonah – English


Around the year 1990, Jonah Jones picked up a small sketchbook and painted in it a fantastical alphabet in watercolour, one letter to every page. Later in life he left it for his grandchildren to enjoy. Realising as soon as we came across it that we were holding something unique in our hands, we decided to digitise the whole alphabet to make up posters of the complete Welsh and English alphabets. On the frontispiece of the sketchbook, Jonah had painted the title Alphabetum Romanum Jonah, which we also digitised to use as the title for both alphabets.

This one is the English alphabet. Click here for the Welsh alphabet. They are both presented as A3 posters, in mounts ready for framing.

Alphabetum Romanum Jonah – English

By Jonah Jones, watercolour, c.1990. A3 litho print on 200gsm silk paper, in card mount.

Orders despatched within 5–10 days in corrugated cardboard mailers.

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