Drws Ardudwy

Jonah’s watercolour technique developed markedly during the early 1950s compared with his earliest attempts in the medium during the 1940s. He no longer attempted or seemed concerned by meticulous realism, a shift that is even more marked in Drws Ardudwy, a dramatic depiction of the gap between Rhinog Fawr and Rhinog Fach (drws is the Welsh for door). This is the work of an artist who has finally gained full mastery of his medium. There is an energy and freedom to the gestures of sky and mountain here, offering some evidence of the influence of his former colleague John Petts’s dramatic approach to the delineation of clouds and landforms.

Drws Ardudwy

By Jonah Jones, ink and watercolour, c.1953. Printed on Fine Art paper.

Available unmounted in either A3 (29.70 cms x 42.00 cms, 11.69 inches x 16.53 inches) or A2 (42.00 cms x 59.40 cms, 16.53 inches x 23.39 inches).

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