Scene & Word Limited is a private non-profit company with charitable aims. It was set up in 2006 by family and friends of Jonah Jones (1919–2004) to develop and manage Cofio Jonah Jones, a project to celebrate and record Jonah’s life and career and build upon the values he stood for as an artist and educator.

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The Cofio Jonah Jones project has the following aims:

  • To save public artworks by Jonah Jones endangered by new development plans.

  • To conserve publicly and privately owned work by Jonah Jones that is in poor condition, for whatever reason.

  • To publish our own list of books, watercolour prints, digital content and any other media by and about Jonah Jones.

  • To create content for publishers, broadcasters and any others who commission books, films, broadcasts, lectures etc. about Jonah Jones.

  • To talk publicly about Jonah Jones when invited by promoters of talks, TV or radio broadcasters, etc.

  • To support and cooperate with any art gallery organising an exhibition of work by Jonah Jones.

  • To collect and donate materials to the Jonah Jones archive at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

  • To develop and sustain a bilingual public Scene & Word website and social media pages.

  • To curate a comprehensive interactive online gallery of all known sculpture, glass, paintings, inscriptions, mosaics and other media by Jonah Jones.

  • To increase awareness of Jonah Jones and his work among the younger generation by establishing an art bursary or prize in his name.

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