Jonah Jones Gallery/Oriel Jonah Jones, new Scene & Word website and Instagram page launched

We are very proud to announce the launch of the Jonah Jones Gallery/Oriel Jonah Jones, a long-term project to catalogue and display all his known work in a definitive online resource. For over a decade this major initiative has been on Scene & Word’s list of aims and objectives, so to finally get it underway is a huge box to have ticked.

The Jonah Jones Gallery/Oriel Jonah Jones is at Alternatively it can be reached via a link on this page – which is our cue to welcome you to this all-new Scene & Word website.

Published nearly ten years ago, the original website would no longer support all current devices. Our new site does. It should be possible for anyone to view it on anything, anywhere – though please do let us know if you experience any issues about which we may not yet be aware.

The launch of our new website has also provided an opportunity to introduce the new Scene & Word store where a growing range of books as well as prints of watercolour paintings and inscriptions by Jonah will be available at affordable prices. All proceeds will be non-profit and will be retained by Scene & Word to fund its aims and objectives.

Also for the first time, and coming soon, there will be a full version of the website in Welsh.

In another important media development, Scene & Word now has a new Instagram page, which complements our Facebook page.