Comments and discussion about ‘Dear Mona’

Comments and discussion about ‘Dear Mona’

Menna Baines in Barn: Swansea, February 2019:

“Dear Mona is a remarkable record of how this generous and enlightened lady [was] not only a help but an inspiration for Jonah.”

Buzz Magazine: Cardiff, January 2019:

“These are letters from the heart and the mind… He’s good company: it’s an inspiring read with the bathos, humour and shared experiences. … a coming of age through real-life letters.”

Dear Mona was discussed on Radio Cymru’s Dewi Llwyd ar Fore Sul programme on 3 February 2019.

Peter (Pedr) Jones, the editor of Dear Mona, contributed a feature to the February 2019 issue of the BBC’s Prospero magazine. Click here (you can zoom in or out by rolling the wheel on your mouse, allowing a few seconds for full focus).